Web development has become an industry by itself. With mass digitalisation, more and more people are switching to E­commerce and most businesses are switching to digital media to promote businesses.

Intefusion, with its vast experience in India and abroad has been most sought after for web designing for various businesses. In the earlier days, websites could only be viewed on a desktop or a laptop, but in the present day scenario, where the majority of people take resource to smart phones, responsive website design is the need of the hour and Intefusion has made a mark worldwide.

Intefusion has chosen HTML 5, CSS3 and advanced Java script to design and develop responsive websites, the prime consideration being the customer requirement. Intefusion always believes in taking inputs from the customer and developing a website using the modern trends, and also keeping in view the upcoming developments in the industry, so that they can one step ahead of competition.

Intefusion has a staging site where a new website is tested to make sure everything works correctly before it goes live on the World Wide Web. After a staging site has been tested and found to be working properly before applying them in real time.
Security considerations are a major hallmark of website development for Intefusion. Security considerations, such as data entry error checking through forms, filtering output, and encryption are primary.

Contact forms provided in a website designed by Intefusion always include a captcha field in it which prevents computer programs from automatically filling forms and also spamming.
Intefusion ensures, the privacy of their customers are always protected and is update on new security threats and the latest security patches being evolved from time to time.